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What is DTS audio cd and how you can play it back?


What is DTS Audio CD?

The DTS-CD, DTS Audio CD or 5.1 Music Disc (official name) is an audio Compact Disc that contains music in surround sound format. It is a predecessor of DVD Audio. Physically, it conforms to the Red Book standard, except for the way the music is encoded on the CD. Where regular CDs store the music as linear PCM, the DTS-CD stores music using the DTS format, with the same fixed bitrate as 16-bit linear PCM, namely 1,411,200 bits/s or roughly 1,378 Kib/s.

As opposed to other surround formats, such as Super Audio CD and DVD-Audio, which require a specialized player, a DTS-CD is compatible with most standard CD players with a digital (S/PDIF) output. CD (and DVD) players recognize the disk as a standard audio CD. The only requirement is a receiver that can decode DTS audio.

Which is DTS audio cd resource?

The resources of DTS audio cd usually are:
1. DVD-Audio
3. DVD-Video with surround dts or ac3 audio
4. Stereo common source converted to 5.1 surround

How can I playback DTS audio cd?

First of all, to enjoy DTS audio cd you have to own a 5.1 surround system.
I think it is useless to downmix DTS cd on stereo speakers.
All the DTS cd titles can be easily found in stereo music formats.
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